January 25, 2006

I need to find a way to podcast with wordpress.com.

podcast #1


idot – Google Search

January 24, 2006

idot – Google Search

So I just went to google and typed in the word idiot because I wanted to see what the first thing that came up would be.  Well (get this) it was the Illinois Department of Trans!

I got to tell you that made me laugh out loud.

Why are you reading this?


CoN 7.16: How to Write Like a Fucking Idiot

I just googled “fucking idiot” and this is the first link that came up.  I am dtesting out the -press it!- thing in my tool bar so if it works there will be a link to this thing on my site.

I have several new ideas for what I think would be cool podcasts. I’d do them if I had the time / energy to devote to them.

1. a “Brwser Wars” podcast — For a very long time IE was the browser that everyone used, regardless of how dubble plus un-good it was. Then Mozilla and Firefox came along and started to give people a choice. Now with Opera being free, and the rise of the Flock browser we are on the verge of another browser war.

I think it would be very cool if there was a podcast that was done by end users about the different browsers. It would be very cool is each show had a guest developer from one of the browser tribes. I think that the show would be better if the show was done by endusers because they don’t have as vested an interest in pimping the browser, which I believe develpers would. Also end users see things that develpers don’t as they use the browser day in and day out.

2. I think it would be very cool if there was a podcast that focused on wiki technology, or if there was a podcast all about wikipedia. The wikipedia has such a great community of users I think that any one (or any group) of them could make a great show.

I got this idea when I saw that there is a podcast all about flickr called flickrcast after I subscribed to it I really think that it is a good show.

That is all that I have for now.

My podcasting set up

October 20, 2005

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I’m testing out this new WP blog thing that I got. One of the things that I really wanted to do was see how it works with flickr.

If this works there will be a picture of my podcasting set up as part of this post.